Hannah Stone is an independent artist and songwriter from Cape May, New Jersey.  While living in Los Angeles, Hannah developed her craft of songwriting, recording, and live performance.  

Hannah has written and recorded vocals under various pseudonyms for television and Netflix shows, including Emily in Paris, Never Have I Ever and Vanderpump Rules. She is the lead vocalist/songwriter of the ethereal dream-pop duo Painted Pale. 

In spring of 2021 Stone released her first two singles, It’s Raining and Sleep Through The Summer, followed by her debut EP God’s Against This. Her songs feature a unique soundscape and a refreshing sense of ingenuity within her lyricism, delivered by a sultry and impassioned voice. 

Her newest single, Youth And Crime, was released in November 2022, along with an exciting new music video–shot and produced in Wildwood, New Jersey. Now back in her coastal hometown, the songwriter continues to perform regularly and looks forward to releasing more music in the coming year.