Hannah Stone

Hannah emerged from the small coastal town of Cape May in Southern New Jersey. At age 20, she headed west to Los Angeles to pursue a bigger career in music and build her expertise in live performance, songwriting and recording.

Forming a band with which she would play some of LA’s bars and clubs, the young artist began stockpiling a catalogue of original songs while also writing and recording vocals for Television and Netflix shows, including Search Party, Never Have I Ever and Vanderpump Rules. 

Stone recently released her first two singles, It’s Raining and Sleep Through The Summer, followed by her debut EP God’s Against This. Heartfelt, honest and clever, her songs delve into a world of wild arrangements and colorful sounds, bridging the gap between the Classic Rock, Soul and Americana music she was raised on and the modern Indie music she is loving from today. 

Watch “It’s Raining”